ECOC’s Local Endorsements

Dave Roberts, County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Nina Deerfield, Palomar College Board

Olga Diaz, Escondido City Council, District 3

Ingrid Rainey, District 4

Blaise Jackson, Escondido Treasurer

Doug Paulson Escondido Unified School District, Area 1

Joe Muga Escondido Unified School District, Area 3

Cesar Serrano, Escondido High School District, Area 4

NO on Measure A

NO on Measure B

ECOC opposes County Measure A tax increase

The Escondido Chamber of Citizens opposes Measure A, SANDAG’s proposal to increase the sales tax in San Diego County by half a cent for the next 40 years. Among other reasons, we believe the county needs to address how new developments are compounding traffic gridlock before expanding freeways and upgrading aging infrastructure. Please read our resolution.

Our Mission

The Escondido Chamber of Citizens was established to represent the interests of average residents by gathering and conveying information about public concerns, and by working with local, county, and state officials to urge their support for the best possible quality of life.

We have established this website to support the sharing of information about local issues. As the site develops, it will include overviews of proposed development in and around Escondido. Of pressing concern are the Gregory Canyon Landfill, Lilac Hills Ranch, Safari Highlands, Newland Sierra, and Warner Ranch.

Our position on issues related to Escondido are detailed in a position paper recently produced by the ECOC Board of Directors.

We encourage you to participate in a robust exchange of ideas, concerns, questions, and answers. Don’t hesitate to send us a message. We always look forward to hearing from you, and we guarantee a prompt response.

It is official! Olga Diaz supporters fro District 3 assembled at Olga’s home on Monday to sign her nomination papers for city council. Next stop is the City Clerk’s office where Olga will pull her papers to make her an official candidate for City Council District 3.

Is Safari Highlands Ranch a done deal? In the latest newsletter from an ECOC partner, San Pascual Valley Preservation Alliance, we’re assured that the battle continues. The SPVA reports on what they describe as a behind-the-scenes “flurry” of activity, with the group addressing every aspect of the plan. Read more here.

ECOC News items: The ECOC Board of Directors is set to present the revised bylaws to the ECOC membership at our July 26 meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m. at the County of San Diego North Inland Live Well Center, 649 West Mission. The proposed revision can be viewed here. Copies also will be available at the meeting. A vote on the new bylaws will take place at the August meeting.

Guest speakers our July 26 meeting will be Jana Clark and Duncan McFetridge of the Cleveland National Forest Foundation.

We will kick off our Membership Drive at the ECOC meeting on Tuesday, August 23.


ECOC endorses Supervisor Dave Roberts

In an overwhelming vote of support for Dave Roberts, ECOC has endorsed the District 3
County Supervisor, who is running for re-election.

We’re pleased that Dave won the primary after receiving about 39 percent of the vote. He now will face Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar in the general election runoff, and we will be actively supporting him up to the November election.

Given Dave’s position on the numerous affecting the Third Supervisorial District, endorsing him was a no-brainer for the group. Unlike his opponents, Gaspar and Escondido Mayor Sam Abed, Dave has taken a stand against the Gregory Canyon Landfill. Of the three, his overall position on county development is most in-line with that of ECOC members.

He believes that the County General Plan should be honored, and opposes the Safari Highlands Ranch and Lilac Hills proposed developments that would be so detrimental to quality of life for our area. He is on the right side of the environment and social issues. And his work in the areas of health and human services reflects values that make him the best candidate.