Newland Sierra Project

Opposition to the Newland Sierra project is in high gear and the community is preparing for the fight.  ECOC is partnering with San Diego Deserves Better group that is leading the community in it’s fight against an ill-advised project that is wrong on all levels.

A brief overview of the project describes a plan to build 2,135 homes, 81,000 square feet of commercial space, a six acre school site, parks and other features on a 1,985 acre site north of Spring Hill Road. The project would also include off-site road widening, including to Deer Springs Road, and a new unspecified interchange redesign and reconstruction at I-15 and Deer Springs Road.  The project is inconsistent with the County General Plan and would require a General Plan Amendment along with other County, State and Federal approvals.

The Newland Sierra Project 8,000 plus page draft EIR report is now available.  Please note that while the developer took years to submit the required paperwork, the public is given a short window of time to submit written comment.  The deadline was August 14th.  The County published EIR report is available at

We urge letters to the editor and social media posts raising concerns about Newland Sierra. See and “like” the Facebook pages for SDDeservesbetter and Stop Newland Sierra. Post on Next Door Sites.