ECOC President Chris Nava discusses community issues
with members of the organization


Chris Nava, President

Marilyn Gallegos, Vice President

Dollie McQuiston, Treasurer

Patricia Borschman, Secretary


Letter of Introduction by ECOC President Chris Nava

I write to introduce myself as your new president of ECOC, and to update you on the exciting work that is taking place behind the scenes.

It is my honor to serve as your president of ECOC. This organization, I strongly believe, has the potential to be an important leader that brings together organizations that share our goals and values. To that end, we have begun to:

• Strengthen and fine tune the organizational structure
• Enhance our outreach by growing our membership
• Promote the use of social media to deliver our message
• Create a new logo
• Facilitate collaboration with other groups
• Study and research the issues in depth
• Publish position papers
• And now, work to defeat the proposed Lilac Hills development.

Already, our accomplishments in these few months include this website, an active Facebook page, and a Candidate Forum in collaboration with the LWV North County San Diego. We also have adopted our position paper, “Growth in San Diego City and San Diego County”. Other papers on specific related topics will follow.
A flier on our Home page encourages you to join us June 26 for a fundraiser at the home of Jerry Harmon. We look forward to seeing all of you for this festive event.
And, I look forward to working with all of you in meeting the challenges that face us in our work of preserving and promoting a sustainable place to live.
Christine Nava
President, Escondido Chamber of Citizens